Jen Grabarczyk-Turner

undergraduate studies program coordinator

Born and raised near Toledo, OH, Jen relocated to Seattle, WA in 2005 to pursue interdisciplinary graduate studies in counseling psychology, philosophy, theology, cultural analysis, and art. She completed her Master's degree in Theology & Culture at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology (2009) and dove right back in to complete her Master's degree in Fine Arts at Claremont Graduate University (2012).

A practicing visual artist for over a decade, Jen is equally impassioned by writing and academia. Her research interests include how individuals and societies process memory, consciousness, and trauma and how individuals and societies visualize those realities. Having certified in Pilates while living in Seattle, movement and body memory also play a large role in both Jen's research interests and art practice. She is currently working on a PhD with The European Graduate School.

Jen is grateful to be Program Coordinator for the Department of Undergraduate Studies at TAMUCC, where she works to support the brilliant and diverse team of staff and faculty in the various programs of DUGS. When not working, Jen adores spending time with her microbiologist husband and four cats. 

Photograph of Jen Grabarczyk-Turner